About me

Having spent a lot of time in my youth with riding horses, I switched to running because of time constraints during my studies.  My decision to switch to triathlon occurred upon receipt of a book about triathlon from a running friend. I was sold on the idea and the challenge of finishing an Ironman. And when I set out to achieve something, then nothing can stop me!
In the spring of 2006, I got on a racing bicycle for the very first time – oh, was that a wobbly affair! In the autumn of 2006, I started freestyle swimming. The swim training initially cost a lot of nerves, and the local indoor pool a few extra litres of water, which I ingested reliably every training session. On June 24th 2007 was the big day, where I would  finally release my nervous energy in movement. In Roth I swam, rode and run towards my dream.

2011 World Champion AG 30

I completed my first long distance triathlon in just under 11 hours when I crossed the finish line happy and healthy. And then I was hooked; I had caught triathlon fever! I improved year by year and in 2011 I managed to qualify for the third time as an age grouper for the world championships in Hawaii. I was overjoyed when I won my age group in this most important race in the triathlon world. In the area of amateur athletics I could no longer set new goals for myself, and thus ventured into the professional league.

In 2012 I reduced my work hours by 50% at BYK-Chemie where I am employed as a sales controller. Since 2012 I have dedicated myself with great success towards the challenges as a triathlon professional, specializing in long distance (3.8 km swimming, 180 km biking, 42.2 km running). 2022 I retired as a multiple IRONMAN champion with a personal best time of 8:57 h. Nowadays I am active as a coach for sports and an healthy lifestyle.