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Ko Aloha la Ea – Keep Your Love – Behalte deine Liebe

Ko Aloha la Ea – Keep Your Love – Behalte deine Liebe

That was the motto of IRONMAN Hawaii 2011. 2011 was a year that changed my lifepermanently. Certainly, it was the age group win
with course record at the World Championshipon Hawaii that made the difference. Hawaii isthe most important race in long distance
triathlon and after the sensational result I had
no more goals in amateur sports. The race was the end of amateur sports and the beginning of professional racing.

Ko Aloha La Ea – The is immortalized in my heart and on my time trial bike.

The result on Hawaii was indeed the deciding factor. But the real decisive achievementwas that I didn’t give up at the IRONMAN in Frankfurt in the summer of 2011. It wasnot a summer day in July, but a day with 10 degrees and continuous rain. At KM 80 on
the bike I had a puncture and while changing the tube I damaged the valve of the sparetube. I spent freezing for about 30 minutes on the side of the road until I could get
tools to repair the damage and continue. I knew that my boyfriend and my parents wereonly 2 km further down the road and it would have been easy to roll there and stop therace. Not to give up here, but to continue gave me still the Hawaii qualification. Andenabled me to have the phenomenal race on the island. If I had dropped out then, mylife would certainly be very different today.
I am convinced of that.


Here you can read more in a PDF file.

Keeping the KO ALOHA LA EA in my heart EN